>Who’s got the time?

11 Aug

>Working 5 days a week 8 hours a day and commuting over an hour each way with gentry in full school mode, leaves little time, or energy or excitement to blog about anything, therefore my blog has been in hiatus for the past several months…..perhaps I will have a little more time on my hands and more to blog about when we move at the end of the month, goodbye cursed LA, I will not miss you.


>A little Priv-acy

12 Apr

>sorry for the mass blog invite even though I didn’t have anything amazing posted haha, just wanted some of my peeps to have access to our blog since I’m making it private. 🙂 that is all.

>Dirty 30

12 Mar

>Yup last weekend was the big one…Gentry is finally out of his 20s and diving into his dirty 30s 🙂

a little celebratory HALO Tourny


and BIG BiRTHdaY SURprISe….
made it all in all a pretty awesome night……..
Happy Birthday honey I love love love you 🙂

>I think this explains alot about me

17 Feb


Notice all the boys…..brothers and cousins and I’m holding a wooden sword…..

>On our own..

2 Dec

>This Thankgiving was a little untraditional for us in that we didn’t go anywhere and we spent the weekend just the two of us…..it actually turned out pretty awesome especially our feastivus – gotta say we made a bird to be proud of AND for all those who left the beautiful So Cal they missed out on some stellar weather bout 78 degrees and sunny….

beautiful day called for a little pre-bird bike ride

Then a little cookin n’ eatin
A little after-dinner stroll on the beach……gentry’s behind the camera
Then Friday we took a little trip up to Big Bear and it was COLD!!
I survived a bear attack..
Gentry got a bit of Montezuma’s revenge and ignored park signs (“no public dumping”
Chopped down a giant tree…..
And altogether had a pretty awesome weekend 🙂


3 Nov


So it was the first annual pun-kin patch extravaganza….gentry was obviously constipated

It was blazing hot, the petting zoo (made entirely of really smelly goats) was a show stopper
The highlight was the corn maze that basically went in a circle haha, but the boys cheated and got to the flagpole first

Luckily we’re super cute so altogether it was a successful day 🙂

>Did I mention?

14 Oct

>We got a new car!! Right after our little Argentina trip we took advantage of the oh so infamous Cash for Clunkers government deal (haha billions in debt and this is what they decided to put money into).

Bartered till I was blue in the face, Traded in our clunky Isuzu Trooper that was on its way to the grave…..
and got $4800 off the price of a brand new Honda Civic Ex-L, leather, sunroof, alloy rims, ipod hookup, yeah I’m in love with it…..