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Nutella….the devils butter

30 Jan

Mmmmm spreadable chocolate….my favorite.

I think the best part about being able to eat 500 calories of chocolate spread in one spoonful is that Nutella commercials insist that it is part of a healthy nutritional meal…In the commercial, some mom is handing this stuff out to her kids on toast insisting that it is good for them because it has, omigosh, HAZELNUTS in it!! Oh and SKIM MILK! ┬áSo it must be good for me….too bad it’s helped me put on 5 lbs…but it’s healthy….right?

I think the ad for Nutella should read:

“Nutella, like eating frosting out of the jar, except more socially acceptable, exactly what jiggly Americans have been waiting for.”

or maybe

“Nutella, increasing the prevalence of Type II diabetes, one child at a time.”

PS: Nutella I heart you