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Adventure No.1: ice ice baby

3 Feb

Stars were aligned this weekend when it was warm (above -18)

AND it was bright and sunny so we took advantage of our good luck and planned out our road trip up to the ARTIC CIRCLE

First to answer your questions:
No. There  wasn’t any ice cream

No. Santa doesn’t live there, or his elves either

No. There weren’t any penguins

Yes. you can look down and see the entire rest of the world, it was awesome

Okay, having that out of the way, I’d like to recall the highlights of the trip:

#1. Ice Road Truckers – for reals

#2. Moose Butt – it ran away so fast we only got a picture of the bum

#3. A forest of Christmas trees that were perma-flocked- looked like something from Who-ville

#4. The Elusive ARTIC FOX – well it was a black arctic fox but it was pretty flippin awesome anyways

#5. THE ARTIC CIRCLE – actually just a sign indicating that you have come to an invisible line on a globe which people refer to as the arctic circle

#6. Streaking across the arctic circle line because there  was no one for 200 miles

#7. Cruising on fumes into fairbanks because there weren’t ANY people let alone gas stations for the entire 8 hr round trip journey 🙂