the Final Frontier

27 Jan
New place, new blog

Sometimes you may sit and wonder “how  the heck did I get here”, I find myself wondering that each and every day and inevitably come to the conclusion that I have no idea and I suppose it could be much worse….

So here it is, Fairbanks, the final frontier, hopefully all this spare time will allow me to actually bring out some interesting things about myself, my family and the crazy new place I have found myself in.  This is mostly for me to amuse myself and maybe create a record of the ups and downs of living in a town where snowmobiles are as common as cars, anything above 0 degrees Fahrenheit is considered warm, dog mushing and  curling are everyday occurances and plugging in your vehicle is a necessity 4 months out of the year.

This is where I find myself after years in sunny Hawaii and California, and I am determined to not only survive but to find the good the bad and the ugly and document my findings.


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