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Nutella….the devils butter

30 Jan

Mmmmm spreadable chocolate….my favorite.

I think the best part about being able to eat 500 calories of chocolate spread in one spoonful is that Nutella commercials insist that it is part of a healthy nutritional meal…In the commercial, some mom is handing this stuff out to her kids on toast insisting that it is good for them because it has, omigosh, HAZELNUTS in it!! Oh and SKIM MILK!  So it must be good for me….too bad it’s helped me put on 5 lbs…but it’s healthy….right?

I think the ad for Nutella should read:

“Nutella, like eating frosting out of the jar, except more socially acceptable, exactly what jiggly Americans have been waiting for.”

or maybe

“Nutella, increasing the prevalence of Type II diabetes, one child at a time.”

PS: Nutella I heart you


Poop for sale

28 Jan

Fairbanks Craigslist AD reads:

WANTED- Dry Moose Poop (fairbanks) looking for dry moose poop for crafts…..if you have been collecting I have a use! I will trade you a few of my Christmas Ornaments for the poop! Very good deal indeed! Please call me as I will be in Fairbanks WEdnesday and Thursday, otherwise I live a few hours away…thanks! Dana


Only in Alaska…

home is where it’s 30 below zero

27 Jan

When I am reading I sometimes find it hard to visualize the characters or their locations despite the descriptions laid out by the author in the book, call me crazy but I would love if more books would include pictures of some kind, drawings, photos, anything that would help the reader visualize the likeness of the hero or heroine of the book.  Same with restaurants! Why do they refuse to include pictures? Many a patron would be less disappointed with the meal laid before them if they but had a picture to prepare them for what was coming…..

And in that line of thought I am including some recent pictures of my new home.  Of all the apartments I have occupied in my years (and there have been many) I must say this is my favorite….mainly because of the large window in the front room which provides not only much needed light and vitamin D but a view nice enough to be on a postcard…..that and this apartment is our first with free laundry!!! My wildest dreams have come true. So here we are with the grand tour:

We will start with the boudoir….mostly bed with heavy blanketing

As we leave the bedroom we enter the kitchen, newly remodeled

Once in the kitchen if you turn to your left you will see our spacious living room with the large widow that was afore mentioned as well as our dining bench with room for not only one but two people… you come around the right side of the couch you can see our comfy 3-seater couch and the ottoman with 1 million uses (not limited to computer table and storage bench)

As we walk around the sofa to the corner of the room we find what every home in Alaska should have…a sauna with complimenting shower and palm tree shower curtain

And at last the piece de resistance our rather large bathroom with up and down WASHER and DRYER….

And there you have it…our home for the time being.

the Final Frontier

27 Jan
New place, new blog

Sometimes you may sit and wonder “how  the heck did I get here”, I find myself wondering that each and every day and inevitably come to the conclusion that I have no idea and I suppose it could be much worse….

So here it is, Fairbanks, the final frontier, hopefully all this spare time will allow me to actually bring out some interesting things about myself, my family and the crazy new place I have found myself in.  This is mostly for me to amuse myself and maybe create a record of the ups and downs of living in a town where snowmobiles are as common as cars, anything above 0 degrees Fahrenheit is considered warm, dog mushing and  curling are everyday occurances and plugging in your vehicle is a necessity 4 months out of the year.

This is where I find myself after years in sunny Hawaii and California, and I am determined to not only survive but to find the good the bad and the ugly and document my findings.