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>At the races…

23 Jul


So our second annual trip to the Wienerdog races was this last weekend and boy it did not disappoint…..
First a quick stop for some nourishment so we wouldn’t end up paying $8 for a hotdog at the races, Gentry and I being a good auntie and uncle to the Gweener…

The crew getting ready for some action…
Gentry gets that look in his eye…..looks like we’re gonna be losing some money tonight haha..
And they’re off…..the horses that is, the wieners are later…
And there are the wienerdogs, they were hilarious….
Uncle Gentry teaching Gweener the ropes of placing a bet…
I think she took to it a little TOO well…..
So we won a little, lost ALOT but all in all it was WORTH IT 🙂

>My last 2 years…

15 Jul


First Days of Clinic….we didn’t know what we were in for

Kill me now….

Class presentations……
First time wearing loupes…..
Riding the bus to UCLA
One of our fifty-million fundraisers…..
Halloween 2007..geez that was a long time ago
Last day of school junior year after the worst finals week….
Cheescake Factory 🙂 – Christmas celebration

House of Delegates in Sacramento

I’m not hurting him, it’s just a sealant….
So much community service 🙂
Tutoring the japanese students, I love their candy striper outfits the best
Conversion day – we get to clean the building as we switch from junior to senior haha
Dental materials class

Haha Jasmine’s gonna kill me – this is their presentation for the elementary schools
Garage sale left overs fashion show
Community health fair – the mural on the back wall is my favorite

Anesthesia class – yeah we really did inject each other!

Birthdays 2008
Halloween 2008 in Fink’s class

Our elementary school presentation – AKA “Bacteria poops in your mouth”
Christmas 2008

Children’s clinic
Emergencies class
Shakey’s pizza fundraising
More birthdays 🙂
National boards time
Campus health fair and ADPIE proje

Class pics at the beach

Grad party thrown for us by our juniors…..

Grad party at luminarees……

Jasmine’s Grad party…..

WLAC Commencement…..


>It’s Finally Over!!!

12 Jul

Weeeeellll, I should say….its over for now. I finally took my big state board exam, it went smoothly, but we don’t get our actual results for about a month…

BUT I feel pretty good about it….. so far.

This past month has been TORTURE trying to find a patient, we went to like 5 Home Depots and screened dozens of patients BUT my patient was accepted and I got thru the test and I can only hope that I did enough – but for now – RELAX 🙂 nothing I can do but wait……and get a really nice TAN – thanks for all the prayers and well-wishes!