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>Interesting factoid – Dentists DON’T have the highest rate of suicide

4 Feb

“The research on physician rates of suicide seems more thorough and reliable (than that of dentists).

It is physicians, not dentists, who have the highest rate of suicide among professionals.

They are more than twice as likely as the general population to kill themselves. Psychiatrists commit suicide at the highest rate of all physicians. They account for seven percent of the total physician deaths and 12 percent of the 593 suicides in a study of 18,730 physician deaths. (“Suicides by Psychiatrists: A Study of Medical Specialists” by Rich et al Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, August 1980).

“Are dentists at a higher risk of suicide than others?” The answer would have to be that dentists are not the occupation with the highest risk. Beyond that point, the research is conflicting. Some say suicide among white male American dentists is higher than average. Others, including the June 2001 JADA article, say there is little evidence dentists are more prone to stress-related suicide than the general population. Even if Stack’s findings are true, dentists’ suicide rate would be 6.64 times 12 for a rate of 80 dentists committing suicide per 100,000 dentists annually. A consoling fact is that:

Dentists death rates from other causes are lower than the general population’s and, on average, dentists live several years longer than the general population.

Journal of Northwest Dentistry, Volume 83 – number 1
Jan-Feb 2004

Haha – just a weird thing I looked up.