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>No Place Like Home…..

9 Jan


So Christmas this year was spent at my parents house in little ol Lincoln California 🙂 Everyone was finally there this year cuz my youngest brother just got back from the mish a few months prior so it was like a little reunion.

Except Something seemed a little different….hmmmmm what was it…..

Oh yeah, it was SCREAMING CHILDRED!!! Like a million of them…..

At least they were cute some of the time 🙂

And Christmas was not a disappointment this year either – even though mom and dad were threatening to give only food storage. But Santa was good to us…

We ate alot, opened a ton of presents and talked alot about Twilight haha. There was some sort of a CRAZE going on about Edward in my house haha

We had a couple of birthdays

Gentry took off boarding by himself one day when the rest of us had a wedding to attend

And a pretty awesome New Years up in the middle of nowhere 🙂

And more screaming babies ….haha, so much to look forward to