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>Tagging is a new thing……….

18 Oct

>So this is my first time being “tagged”, but I guess it means I really am part of the blogger “in-crowd” – finally – so I guess I am suppose to list 6 unspectacular things about myself, so yeah:

1.) I am completely and utterly retarded when it comes to directions.  I am lost 99.9% of the time, even when I am using my tom tom – I just don’t pay attention to anything or have any sense of what is suppose to be where, my internal compass wasn’t installed correctly during manufacturing.
2.) I have an abnormal infatuation with picking at things…I guess thats why I became and esthetician AND a dental hygienist.
3.) I really hate working….I have never had a job for more than 3 months cuz I get sick of it and decide to go back to school….again and again and again…..
4.) Having babies scares me more than spiders and I am really scared of spiders.
5.) I was a band nerd in middle school
6.) I am probably the messiest person alive…..aside from Gentry 🙂
I now tag: Becca Christensen, Jonna Loveridge, Ashley Bowden and Charami Boyter

>Wicked Rank Eh?

14 Oct

>So last night for our 5 year anniversary we went and saw “Wicked” the musical at the Pantages Theater in LA.  It was soooooooo good!  My eyes kept getting dry because I was forgetting to blink  – it was that good.  The music was awesome, the plot was fantastic, it took my breath away.  Here’s to another 50 years together 🙂

>I think I’m turning Japanese….

9 Oct

>So this summer we actually got a chance to tutor a bunch of Japanese dental hygiene students.  They were soooo cute haha, I think their candy striper outfits were my favorite.

>Dental humor…..yeah I don’t have a life

8 Oct