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>Vampires and werewolves and volturi oh my…

24 Sep

>So for my birthday I got Breaking Dawn from my awesome friend Becca and I am only like 50 pgs into it so far because Sunshine keeps stealing it and reading it before me, haha, he would kill me if he knew I were telling the world that he too is a vampire loving nerd….oh and Jonna and Charami don’t think less of me for reading it haha…..think less of Sunshine aka Ryan 🙂


>Gentry’s contribution to our blog

22 Sep

>Yeah that’s Gentry’s toe, and yeah its probably the grossest thing ever.  He had a little accident and his big toenail is now falling off, we just thought we would share that with the world.

>Churfing Saturdays

20 Sep


Lil Gentry catching a winner haha


After 😦

Jen actually standing 

Lil Gentry

Becca n’ me paddling….


trying to stand….

wiping out.

Super fun, warm water, come join 🙂

>B-day business

20 Sep


I love my friends…..haha..

Churfing on my NEW surfboard from my stinker Gentry

So my birthday was awesome.  I had school and had a super time with my hygiene buddies, than my sweet sweet Gentry put on an awesome spread for me and a bunch of our friends later than night….mmmm chocolate cake….so yeah I’m 27 and so far so good

>Double Chocolate Fudge Cake Diet

20 Sep


Sooo, since my birthday I have been on the double chocolate fudge cake diet, I don’t know if you’ve heard of it but I think its really working…..You Decide 😉

Mmmm Chocolate cake…ps: birthday party pics to come

>Pre-birthday pampering

17 Sep

So I decided that today would be a good day to use some gift spa certificates that I got for Valentines day haha…mmmm I got a massage and facial from a place called Chiari wellness spa, I could get use to treatments like that like…everyday 🙂 happy pre-birthday to me.

>Giving back for 9/11

12 Sep


So I thought it was appropriate that today I had clinic at the veterans hospital in LA. My patient was actually schizophrenic and wouldn’t stop talking about her bowel movements but still super nice and kinda funny 🙂