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>Random pictures

15 Jul

>Big Canada Fishin

USC White Coat Ceremony: Gentry looks so professional….except the haircut

Snowboarding at Big Bear


>Life going on….

15 Jul

>Well it’s been over a year since my last “post” or whatever, Becca is making me write some stuff. Apparently “adventures of jen and gentry” is a misnomer, we have no adventures anymore, haha, so I’ve had nothing to write about 🙂 No j/k but really. Here I am the perpetual student working on my 3rd degree haha, but I love it, dental hygiene, ya, whats not to love about scraping stuff off peoples teeth? Only 1 more year to go for me and then its free teeth cleanings for everyone…and I could wax you’re eyebrows while I’m at it. And gentry, who thinks this blog is silly, is going into his 3rd year of dental school at USC, he’s studying for his boards right now so he’s always locked up in our room….which bytheway is at Becca and Ryan’s house. Yeah that is correct, we ARE living with Becca and Ryan and it is awesome haha, you always have someone to hang out with… Well Becca and I are gonna go hit some tennis balls with Gweny, maybe I’ll update again later, hopefully sooner than a year.